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Andrew Lee: Jaw Clenching, Teeth Grinding, and the Tech That Will Help You Relax

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

**TW: This episode contains a description of a violent hate crime.**

It’s a Fitbit for your mouth,” says Andrew Lee, Registered Dental Hygienist and Founder of Otis Dental. Drew is describing his Brux-Sensor Night Guard, a micro-dental-sensor technology that helps monitor and regulate your stress levels by recording your teeth grinding during sleep! Drew was recently awarded a patent for this technology, which he hopes will help users proactively identify heightened stress levels, even if they don’t consciously notice them.

Drew tells listeners that bruxism, or the involuntary clenching of the mouth and grinding of the teeth, is actually at the root of several top burnout symptoms. If you are experiencing headaches, neck or shoulder tension or insomnia, chances are that bruxism is involved. Drew notes that the dental industry has been relatively stagnant when it comes to addressing issues like bruxism, and the clunky night guards that dentists offer patients are often expensive and ineffective. Drew has made it his mission to create a direct-to-consumer offering that cuts out the middleman and brings customers the relief they need at an affordable price point.

Tune into this week’s episode FRIED. The Burnout Podcast to learn more about how bruxism could be tied to your burnout. Learn more about Drew’s own burnout story (he suffered from bruxism himself!), the three main causes of bruxism, and Drew’s top tips and tricks for overcoming your bruxism to reduce stress, improve sleep and protect your teeth!


  • We’ve got to focus more in the dental industry on preventative measures rather than restoratives where it becomes too late and now you need to get botox injections in your jaw or you have to get all these fillings and crowns and implants and bridges and then eventually by the time we’re older, we end up with dentures and then we never really question, ‘What did I do to make it go this way?’” (08:15-08:36)

  • “The truth is [dentists] are people, too. They have their flaws and their limitations. It’s just like seeing doctors or firefighters who smoke, and they know the dangers of it. It’s just contradictory and hypocritical – that’s just who we are. We’re humans.” (11:33-11:47)

  • “Especially in this modernization of the digital world, we forget everything that our bodies are telling us and then it becomes asymptomatic where it’s still happening to us, we just don’t feel it anymore because we choose not to feel it.” (13:25-13:37)

  • “That’s where meditation comes in. Find your core again. Remember who you were before this all happened. You’re there, you’re still in there – you just really need to pull that person back out of the darkness and say, ‘You’re ok, you’re gonna be ok. You can do this.’” (22:22-22:38)

  • 70% of the reason why we brux is because of stress, some form of stress....The remaining 30% can be a combination of just misaligned teeth….A huge factor is also medication. There are a lot of antidepressants that actually cause bruxism." (25:15-25:40)


Guide to Self Gua Sha Routine for Neck and Jaw Tension from Beth Russell:



If you know that it’s time to actually DO something about the burnout cycle you’ve been in for too long - book your free consult today:


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