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Cyrina Talbott - Use Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) to Understand Your Inherent Value

Updated: Nov 18, 2022


Cyrina is a Rapid Transformational Therapist living in Oregon. She has 4 girls- three of whom are teenagers. Through Rapid Transformational Therapy, she helps people overcome emotional pain, without taking forever or reliving the past. Her own healing journey from running herself ragged trying to prove her worth after growing up with abuse is what lead her to Rapid Transformational Therapy.

Cyrina's Story in her own words: In my 20's I started a homeless shelter for women. My husband and I owned a rental property and heard there were homeless in our community so decided to convert the building to a shelter. I let the shelter take over my life. It's easy to do because it was running 24/7 and had residents with trauma. But I had no boundaries. I'd get calls at 2 am and go to work when employees or volunteers couldn't. I also did all the pr, speaking and promoting. The fundraisers. AND had 4 children under 8. When I talk about it I usually say someone should have slapped me! It wasn't until it closed that I understood what was really going on. I was doing all of it to prove my worth. I felt worthless just being me, so I thought. "I'll do this and then I'll get all the approval and feel good." But it totally didn't work. I felt horrible. My kids hated my phone and the organization. I was never present with them. And because my identity was wrapped up in the success of Naomi House (the name of the shelter) I was up and down constantly. If one of the families was doing well or we got a big donation I was great. If not, I felt terrible. I had anxiety- even though I'd never call it that.

I was so driven to succeed, I was hard on people who came alongside to help. I was never good enough- so neither was anyone else.

It was totally unsustainable for me energetically. After 5 years I was toast. I didn't have the energy to do one more fundraiser or train one more volunteer. We closed and I drove the women to another shelter. Then I cried for a few months straight. Ate tons of chocolate. Gained 30 lbs and started my own healing journey. I learned that I had to face my past that I had been denying. I read the books and watched the videos we provided for the women.

I'm so grateful for this experience. I believe business is a tool for healing. And failure isn't final.


Additional notes about the talk:

I was so driven with the need to get approval from this, and my self-worth was wrapped up in it so the idea of letting it go, even though it was the exact thing I needed to do, was super hard for me. - Cyrina Talbott

Anxiety and Burnout often go hand in hand. A symptom of anxiety, especially in entrepreneurship, is the feeling that you can’t shut off, you can’t leave your business behind because it makes you feel like you’re failing or missing something and so you forego rest, self-care, and relationships to work on your business. In this episode, Cyrina talks a lot about what anxiety looked like in her life and it mirrored (mirrors ;)) mine so close but we're not talking about the obvious bits so I want you to listen and listen well to this episode so that you can help yourself correctly identify what’s going on. You might be surprised to learn that anxiety and self-worth issues are wrapped up in your life and business and burnout. When your self worth is tied up in your business, or your job, or your role as a mother - you take EVERYTHING personally. Everything feels to you a reflection of whatever you’re doing right, or whatever you’re doing wrong and no matter what - it’s never good enough. Cyrina also shared what keeps her from burnout out these days and part of it is not taking responsibility for other people’s healing - even as a healer. The method of healing that she practices is called: Rapid Transformational Therapy.

This episode, as all others, has a message for you. That message is that YOU ARE VALUABLE and WORTHY OF HEALING. Every time I prepare and release an episode, I take a moment to bless it and ask the universe to help it reach all the ears it needs to. In that regard, I also need your help and support in sharing the episodes that hit you most far and wide. When you share this podcast, you are sharing the ability to heal, the ability to choose yourself, and the message that everyone deserves to live outside of burnout culture. Thank you for being a part of this movement. Thank you for listening to these ideas. Thank you for choosing yourself. Good vibes always,

Cait (Be sure to follow FRIED over on Instagram if you haven't already - that's where all the best post-listening conversations are happening and I LOVE hearing your feedback, takeaways, and input!)


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