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Dana Inouye: The 3P Framework For Moving Through The Messiness Of Motherhood

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

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Episode summary: Dana Inouye is an empowerment coach (and hot-mess mom of 4). She works with creative women and rebellious leaders who know they're meant for more but are stuck in (mindfuck) spirals of overthinking and people-pleasing. She helps women connect to the bigger part inside of them (their "inner wild") and seduce their dreams, so that they can show up bigger, emboldened, epically expressed, and anchored in their power. Dana has developed a groundbreaking REWILDING process that merges mindset and embodiment and activates emotions. She maintains that we can't think our way to results, we've gotta FEEL it.

We talked about rage, the all elusive balance, and the tender moments that happen when you allow yourself to be honest.

Discussed in this episode:

- Kids are with you all the f*ing time (especially now) [4:10]

- Lightbulb moments in the shower [6:47]

- Hunkering down for windows of time as an entrepreneur mom [8:51]

- The push and pull of motherhood [12:25]

- Magic in the mess [17:26]

- Being honest about emotions and being able to rant [22:14 ]

- Kids, anger, screaming, and emotional balance [27:37]

- Reframing as a tool for freedom [36:30]

- The 3P Framework: Pleasure, Power, and Possibility [40:21]

- You’re Fine, and so are your kids [48:12]

Links Mentioned in Show The Bouncebackability Factor:

The Resentment Journal Mini Course:


P.S. Thanks for hanging with FRIED. I always hope its healing for you <3


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