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Daniel Mangena: Jail Time, Suicide, Asperger's Diagnosis, and Polluting Your Brain with Positivity

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

“Push your edge and not your buttons,” says Daniel Mangena, International Speaker, Bestselling Author, Broadcaster and Coach. If there’s one thing that listeners should take away from today’s episode, Dan says it’s to pick one change and intentionally incorporate it into your life rather than inundating yourself. The road to burnout recovery is paved with small steps rather than a massive life overhaul!

Dan’s own burnout was catalyzed by his fixation on others’ opinions. He found that he was putting so much weight on what others may or may not have been thinking about him that he lost sight of what really mattered in his life. He spent many years contemplating suicide and was stopped only by the thought of what others might think if he botched the attempt. After poring over recent studies and ancient texts in search for the missing link in his life, Dan started his burnout recovery almost by accident. He explains that by polluting his brain with positivity, he slowly began to nourish his mind and discover self-acceptance.

Tune into this week’s episode of FRIED. The Burnout Podcast for a fascinating conversation with Dan about finding your purpose and manifesting your dreams. Learn how Dan’s Asperger’s diagnosis has radically changed his outlook, why your knot is not contingent on society’s expectations, and why adding nourishment to your life is a surefire way to counteract burnout.


  • “When I look at my burnout was literally closing down and giving up on life because I had given such credence, weight and value to my belief about what other people may or may not think about me.” (3:25-3:46)

  • “I don’t believe anything is done in isolation, and success is always going to be, I believe, a communal effort, even if that community is indirect, even if it’s the communal effort between you and the people that buy your product from you or buy your services.” (21:34-21:54)

  • “I really want to spark within people recognizing that their light, their knot, their strength is not contingent on society’s judgement about what your role is or where you’ve come from or what you create. I believe that it comes down to who you are and what’s showing up and that every single one of us do have something to contribute.” (31:25-31:47)

  • I had no intention of choosing life. It happened because the inputs that I polluted myself, I pummeled myself with, spoke to life.” (40:04-40:15)

  • “When we start to starve ourselves of nourishment at any level, I believe we can start that cascading effect into what we call burnout, which may be experienced in the body last, but that’s not where it starts because the body is the last point of experience of what starts out as a vibration. So, we burn out vibrationally first, which I believe is cutting ourselves off from vibrational nourishment.” (45:27-45:49)

  • “I always like to say, ‘Push your edge and not your buttons.’ Growth is going to come from pushing the edge. There’s going to be discomfort at the edge, that is growth. If there’s no discomfort, you’re not doing anything, you’re staying the same.” (58:23-58:34)




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