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Devon Grilly: Boundaries, Connection, and Women in STEM

Updated: Nov 18, 2022


Devon Grilly is a career coach for women in science and tech, and has a masters in bioengineering. She is currently researching and interviewing women in the tech industry to create ways for more women to thrive in a field that is still just as male-dominated and burnout-filled as it was 20 years ago. Devon went through multiple burnout/recovery loops before ending the cycle using techniques she now shares with her clients. She writes regularly about career development, sexism, and burnout on Thrive Global, Medium, LinkedIN, and her own blog. Devon is also a huge sci-fi fan and gamer girl.



Linkedin Article:

BLOG about Boundaries:

Additional notes about the talk:

Devon and I, in addition to her story, talked about regret, getting honest with ourselves and the ability to finally admit that something is wrong.

To avoid burnout, Devon shared 3 magic tools that she thinks are especially important for women in STEM:

1. Boundaries - know where you and your work begin and end

2. Connection - have a community of like minded women, even if it's virtual (see below for some suggestions relevant to women in STEM)

3. Communication - get clear on what you want and then ask for it. This gets easier with practice, so start practicing now!


Socity of Women Engineers:

Listen here or:


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