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Diann Wingert: How ADHD and Burnout Are Related - and What to Do About It

Updated: Mar 7

In today's episode, Diann Wingert and I will talk about the relationship between ADHD and burnout. We will discuss how they affect each other and identify what people who suffer from both can do to help themselves recover quickly.

Episode Highlights:

Diann and Cait talk about how ADHD and burnout relate to each other. They emphasize that people with ADHD tend to be either extremely obsessed or completely disinterested in something. They discuss how the intense curiosity and enthusiasm associated with ADHD can lead to a lack of boundaries, pacing, and self-awareness, potentially causing burnout.

Diann encourages listeners to acknowledge the challenges of maintaining self-awareness and setting boundaries even when aware of the potential for burnout.

Remember, intense focus can lead to burnout if unchecked. Finding a balance, setting boundaries, and maintaining self-awareness are crucial to harnessing the strengths without succumbing to the challenges of this stimulating mental landscape.

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