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Kara Pepper, MD: An MD Tells The Truth About Rebuilding Her Life After Burning Out

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

In today’s episode of Fried, we’re talking to Dr. Kara Pepper, practicing primary care Internist in Atlanta, GA, and a life coach for physicians struggling with burnout, transition, imposter syndrome and perfectionism. A recovering perfectionist herself, she coaches doctors through their own burnout and transition and helps them to love the life they worked so hard to create. She is a wife, mom, yogi and westie lover.

She shares her story of how she went from being a professional ballet dancer in her teens to becoming a leading physician. She opens up about how she used workaholism to mute her feelings since childhood and although she’d built a great looking life on paper, underneath it all she was miserable and barely holding it together. After her in-laws’ deaths, she crashed and burned out, couldn't keep the pieces of her life together and while she fantasized about running away and leaving it all behind, she finally took a sabbatical that would allow her to rebuild a life that was meaningful, sustainable, and connected.

We talk a lot about making changes in areas that you can actually control, separating the external and internal causes of burnout and focusing on what you actually can change first, gaining energy from that and then moving on to the rest. This talk is so damn important right now as we continue to move through COVID and physician and nurse and hospital worker burnout is going through the roof!

Share this one with all of your medicine based friends, they need to know that they are not alone! We've got their backs and that there is help out there!

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