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Dr. Roslyn Ashford: Break Through Shame to Break Through Burnout

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

TRIGGER WARNING: We talk about suicide and suicide ideation in this episode. Please listen to your inner voice about whether this is an episode that may trigger you. If you need help, do not hesitate to reach out to professionals for it. You can find support here:

Everybody that looks like they’ve never been through anything, just dig a little deeper into their story, you don’t see the ugly pieces on social media. - Dr. Roslyn Ashford


Dr. Roslyn L. Ashford was born in Mississippi and makes her home in the southern US with her two children. She is a true optimist with a passion for empowering people to manifest their dreams. Her penetrating conversations have been shared by inspired people from around the globe. Through many ambitions, her multi-passionate career includes work as a clinical therapist, radio personality, celebrity interviewer, red carpet host, training specialist, and writer. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor at a Christian group private practice, a Gottman 7 Principles Leader for Making Marriages Work, and is the creator of Unbreakable: a destination weekend relationship retreat.


IN THIS EPISODE: Dr. Roslyn Ashford shares her story of burnout, bouncing back and the ability to swim even after you start to sink. Her tagline and advice is this: get naked. Get naked with your true self and stop being afraid to show up as you are. DOWNLOAD THE TRANSCRIPT HERE

"I had a bad case of perfectionism. I lived my life according to a set of rules. Some that I made up, in my attempt to avoid a bad life." - Dr. Roslyn Ashford

Book and Blog mentioned in the episdoe: Book: The Sink Before The Swim

Blog: The Knot

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