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Dr. Shannon DiCarlo: When You Can't Bloom Where You're Planted

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

It wasn't healthcare that was burning me out and it wasn't hospitals - it was the nature of the care that I was providing - it just didn't line up with who I thought I was. Showing up and doing something that didn't feel in line with what I was called to do - that is what was burning me out. - Dr. Shannon DiCarlo


Dr. DiCarlo is an expert in the field of Integrative Medicine. Beginning her career as a trauma nurse, working at prestigious hospitals such as The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Georgetown Medical Center, and NYU Medical Center, she then returned to graduate school to pursue a career in Integrative Medicine. In an effort to make Integrative therapies readily accessible to patients facing a cancer diagnosis, Dr. DiCarlo helped develop and coordinate what is now the Integrative Oncology program at the Mount Sinai Beth Israel Comprehensive Cancer Center in New York, NY. She currently sees patients in a private practice setting in Northern New Jersey, where she specializes in an integrative approach to addressing both oncology and a variety of acute and chronic disease. FIND:

Additional notes about the talk:

Those niggling feelings that you aren’t where you’re supposed to be? Dr. Shannon DiCarlo suggests that you listen in and try and figure out what they are trying to say to you. She says to start with a gratitude journal because it’s easier to make change and progress when you already feel as good as possible about the life you’re in. Next step? Add the thing you think you want into your life in small doses and see how it feels. Love flowers? Don’t quit your job and open a florist shop - go to a florist shop every week and design your own bouquet for your home or office. Get that little burst of inspiration and see how it makes you feel. Love it? Take a class at a local adult learning center on flower arrangements. Dip in, one toe at a time because you never know what will truly get you going until you actually try it on for size.

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