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Dr. Simone Kotraba On Overgiving, Deep Passion, and Burnout

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

"...a life that's filled with love, joy, compassion, empathy, gratitude - that's the life that we need to live. Not a life that is chasing degrees and jobs that are not fulfilling" - Dr. Simone Kotraba


Dr. Simone Kotraba is a Doctorate level Board Certified Behavior Analyst and an Elite coach helping people get unstuck so that they can multiply their impact, influence and income.


I was a vice principal in an urban public school. Many of the students that I worked with experienced severe trauma. Students' trauma resulted in daily aggressive behaviors that lead to daily restraint to keep them and others safe. Due to the emotional and physical demands of the job, I was burned out. I resigned and changed my career to become a coach so that I can help people create successful lives that matter. FIND:

Additional notes about the talk:

After a deep discussion about how her burnout affected not only her own body and mental state, but her marriage and her relationship with her children, Dr. Simone told us about a coaching method that she uses, (Proctor Gallagher Institue) that allows us to uncover our subconscious beliefs and the paradigms that run our lives so that we can change them for the better based on what you truly want out of life.

“Once I understood that if I change my thinking, I can change the way I feel and I could change my behavior… I could become the person I actually wanted to be” - Dr. Simone Kotraba

Dr Simone’s best meditative practice right now focuses on visualizing what it would look like to create the life that her heart desires. She often uses this powerful question from Dr. Michael Beckwith :

“What is the universe trying to birth through me?” Dr. Michael Beckwith

Using powerful questions like this one is a method of self-inquiry that gets you off of the hamster wheel of negative self-talk and gets you INTO taking action toward the life you want. If you’re burnt out, mindset isn’t the only thing you need, but without deep, transformational mindset changes, you’ll return to burnout again and again. Dr. Simone shows you how she’s getting out of it and shares her belief that you can too.

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