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Elizabeth Lott: A Pastor Speaks Out On Vocational Callings, Personal Growth, and Burnout

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

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Episode summary: In this episode, guest Elizabeth Lott, a pastor at a progressive Baptist Congregation in New Orleans starts out with a story - one that you might not expect from a pastor - one of Mardi Gras, sequined shoes, and a fall that lead to broken teeth and concussions. From there we journeyed on together through allowing yourself to be called to a vocation and yet leaving space to be called further when it is time to move forward. It is a story full of expansion, support, and hope for what we can all create in the ‘new’ post covid world that we hope is coming real soon.

Topics discussed in this episode:

- The Love of Mardi Gras: A Story of Change [3:00]

- Being convinced that alone is the way [17:39]

- The power, pressure, and magical thinking of a Calling [21:24]

- Leaving curiosity and taking on ‘traditional’ expectations [24:21]

- Disappointing people on the scale of the internet [29:15]

- “What would happen if one woman told the truth about her life” Muriel Rukeyser [36:28]

- Being vulnerable as a leader [42:16]

- Sharing struggles within your relationship [48:18]

- Leaving a container when you’ve outgrown it [54:52]

Find Elizabeth:


Resources Mentioned in the Show: Muriel Rukeyser


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