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Errin Weisman, D.O.: From Burnt Out To Badass, A Female Physician's Story

Updated: Mar 19, 2022

Errin Weisman, D.O. was taught, like all doctors to be a robot, a superhuman, a she-ro - and it burnt her out. Now, Errin Weisman, DO is a life coach, podcaster and fierce wellness advocate who helps inspire female physicians and working moms to do the work they love and absolutely love life. Her work in the world is to openly tell how she faced professional burnout early in her family medicine career so that no one feels alone, all know that change is possible because "if she can do it, so can I" and that you can have a joy-filled and sustainable career.

She lives and practices life coaching and medicine in rural Southwestern Indiana, loves her roles as farmer's wife, athlete and mother of three. Besides being sassy, she enjoys getting mud on her shoes, teaching her children to catch tadpoles and reading a great fantasy novel. In this episode, Errin and I definitely get sassy and talk about how burnout was the worst year of her life and left her asking: "What is wrong with me?!?!" Reaching the moment where she had everything she'd been striving for and then realizing something was missing she described as "when you reach the mountaintop and it feels like a deep dark canyon, and then you find the basement". It only took her 3 months into her medical career before she was looking for an out. When she reached out she got told she'd get used to it, it was normal, and maybe she should pop an antidepressant. Then, she met a coach. And the moment she finally felt seen, heard and understood - she began to heal. Now, she helps other female physicians and moms heal their own burnouts. In addition to 1:1 coaching, she has an online course called From Burnt Out To Badass, and she started a directory of physician coaches so that everyone can find the person they need. She credits learning to name and claim her emotions outside of 'numb' and 'angry' as crucial to her healing and talks a ton about really being her sassy self and how leaving her personality behind when she became DR. WEISSMAN was a major burnout factor for her. She wants you to know this: You are not broken. You are not the problem. This [burnout] is not a character flaw. And she'd love for you to ask yourself, "What if......

..... you gave yourself the permission to explore?

..... you allowed your personality to shine through?

..... you could let go of your identity that you gained because of your career or degree?

..... you could be empowered to just be you?

This week's episode is fun and informative and I know you're going to love it as much as i did.

If you're ready to end the burnout cycle you're stuck on, you can book a call with Cait here.



P.S. In this episode we chat openly about the fact that black women need extra support for the extra burden they carry. If you are a black woman who needs support and would like to be working with a black coach, please send me an email at cait @ caitdonovan . com so that I can set you up with someone who can support you as you need to be supported. P.P.S. The Bouncebackability Factor: End Burnout, Gain Resilience, and Change the World is OUT! This book is for everyone who has ever felt burnt out with a special flavor in there for the female entrepreneur. Get your copy here


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