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Helena Lucia: Money, Burnout, and Interrupting Old Patterns After Leaving a Cult

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Helena Lucia, founder and CEO of SISU Journey, is a speaker, podcast host and trauma-informed money coach. Her experiences growing up in an extreme fundamentalist religious cult led her down a path where she became passionate about helping others heal from childhood trauma through gaining a better relationship with money. She shares her tips for interrupting old patterns of behavior, healing from burnout, and rethinking how we view money. Tune into this episode to learn more.

“Instead of having the prescribed identity that you've been given, who do you want to become?” asks Helena Lucia, CEO and founder of SISU Journey. Helena grew up burnt out. Growing up in a cult meant that she did not have the agency to listen to or attend to her own needs. When she finally escaped the religious cult and her abusive marriage, she was a mother of four children and had to start over from scratch while totally burned out. She went to college for a degree in computer sciences and headed into the corporate world where she found herself in a sequence of burnout after burnout. When Helena realized the pattern, she was able to learn how to interrupt it through a process she refers to as SPACE.

Helena decided she wanted to find a way to help others heal from their traumas and interrupt the patterns in their lives that were leading to burnout. By learning to give ourselves the physical space we need to pay attention to our body’s cues, access people who can help us, and redefine ourselves based on our own terms instead of trying to be what everyone else wants, we can interrupt burnout and begin to heal from trauma.

Tune into today’s episode of FRIED. The Burnout Podcast for a conversation with Helena Lucia about how to interrupt old patterns in our lives. Learn each step of the acronym SPACE and how to apply it to your own life.


• “I use the acronym of space. So starting out with creating more space in between things. P is paying attention to how your body is reacting and responding. And then you can start interrupting the pattern of how you unconsciously react in a situation or how you desire to respond.” (21:26-21:52 | Helena Lucia)

• “If your family has a pattern that's been perpetuated through the years and you as the ancestor in charge of changing the pattern actually take the learnings from that and release the emotion, you can actually interrupt a family history pattern.” (22:14-22:36 | Helena Lucia)

• “C is create your dream identity. And that's where you start. Instead of having the prescribed identity that you've been given that you were told you are, who do you want to become?” (35:38-35:51 | Helena Lucia)

“When we co regulate as infants we're supposed to be getting our cues for safety and freedom from our caregivers and when we don't, we develop attachment wounds. Those attachment wounds get fused very tightly to our relationship with money, because money in a scarce childhood experience gets fused with this idea of safety and freedom really deeply.” (40:11-40:44 | Helena Lucia)



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