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Kayla Rose Yoder: Addiction, Codependency, and Growing Up Too Fast

Updated: Nov 18, 2022


Kayla began her journey in personal growth & transformation at the age of 8 at Landmark Worldwide’s Forum for Young People. She completed their full curriculum by 18 and became an Introduction Leader for Landmark’s transformational programs by 20. She completed her first shamanic apprenticeship in 2012 and received her Reiki certification in 2013. She began to fully serve as a Contemporary Shamanic Healer in 2017 after a second 13-month apprenticeship. Having grown up with a yoga teacher for a mom, she’s been practicing yoga since the womb. Throughout her life she has self-studied all kinds of healing work including yoga, shamanism, meditation, tarot, Buddhism, healing through the arts, family constellations, authentic relating, nonviolent communication and more. She now blends her range of experiences in a unique way to empower women to embrace their divine creative potential to feel awake, alive & excited every day.

Kayla's story in her own words: “Bliss” is what I was truly seeking as I spiraled into overwhelm, addiction and burnout. I was trying as hard as I could to bypass my…


-inherited shame

-fear that I’d never be good enough

Thinking if I smoked more pot, ate more sweets, got more attention from my boyfriend, took more “enlightening” drugs… perhaps I’d somehow trip my way out of the “rat race” into really having the soulful creative blissful life I wanted. The race to burnout began for me as soon as I started getting report cards because I HAD to be the best in order to get love - or so I thought.

Well, the best place these habits & negative beliefs got me was to my rock bottom. It took losing a friend in a car accident, losing my job, feeling lost & alone stuck in a toxic codependent relationship to finally admit I needed to make changes and that I needed help & support from others and from Spirit. When I finally found a supportive community of women who showed me that I am an embodiment of Goddess, made Spiritual alignment my #1 priority, and learned how to access my own love I discovered my soul’s purpose, found a fountain of energy, vitality & creativity and really began to feel fulfilled, happy, joyous & free on a daily basis. You too can put burnout behind you and create a life of bliss & fulfillment. Anything is possible with willingness & support.

I love talking about nature & spirituality. My core teachings center around the 4 elements of nature & how we can connect with nature & build a relationship with our bodies to live beyond burnout (earth, water, wind, fire). My mission is to help women to not only heal from burnout but really create a life of bliss where they are completely fulfilled & empowered in every area. I love helping women sync up with their menstrual cycle and heal their relationship to their womb as the center of creativity.


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Additional Notes about the talk While Kayla and I had this conversation, we veered from burnout and deep into her story and her psyche that led her to behaviors and situations that caused burnout. She commented about halfway through that this was a healing conversation for her and my hope is that the healing will extend to you. Hearing your story through someone else's eyes can be healing, revealing and help on a path of self-discovery (whether you agree with them or not ;)). I love creating that space for people and am glad it was obvious to Kayla here. "Life isn't alone-able" is a quote that my good friend, Mel Hopper Koppelman shared with me. In this episode, we talk about that a lot and really focus on creating relationships that help us heal. You can listen in the player above or head to: to listen where you love to listen most (links to Itunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Soundcloud, Google Player and more ;)). Thanks for being here :) XOXO C

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