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Kellie McConahay: Tap Into Your Body's Wisdom to Heal from Burnout

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Find ways to connect to yourself. Build your Internal Foundation... because then you will have that strength… to find your path. You’re not going to find the answer outside of yourself, you’re going to find in within yourself. - Kellie McConahay


Kellie is a collaborative divorce attorney and mediator who helps families get divorced without fighting in court. She is committed to problem-solving and managing conflict between couples to create solutions that protect children and maximize the family’s finances. Her clients rave about her creative financial solutions, attentive concern and calm demeanor. Her commitment and passion for this work comes from her own experience going through divorce and recognizing that the right process can lay the foundation for the co-parenting that continues for years after a divorce.


Additional notes about the talk

Kellie: Part of this journey was opening my mind to creating a business that aligned with my values. I used to think I could never do 100% family law. I never wanted to be part of the nastiness that is so common with divorce. But once I realized I could have a practice that focused exclusively on peace-making, it was a revelation. Now I love going to work. I have amazing clients--even the ones who have challenging conflict. I work with other professionals who are equally committed to problem-solving and who I trust. We are not "adversaries," even though we are committed to working hard for our clients. The difference is recognizing that true advocacy is helping clients bring their best selves to the divorce process, plan for their future and look out for their children.

Cait: Kellie went from being someone who was totally out of touch with her body to being someone who is totally in touch with her body. Sometimes it can be hard to hear, "The Answer is Within" because you don't know the damn answer and who and where is this within?!?! Kellie very honestly takes us through her journey - and her relationship with her body throughout said journey. If this doesn't convince you to start paying attention to the signs, I'm not sure what will. Listen: XO C


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