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Kelsey Patel: How Small Changes Create Radical Shifts and Help You Burn Bright

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

In this week’s episode we are speaking to Kelsey J Patel, one of Hollywood’s leading wellness and reiki experts. She is not only a sought after spiritual empowerment coach, yoga teacher, reiki healer and meditation teacher, but also a multi-faceted entrepreneur and inspirational speaker.

Having worked for a senator on Capitol Hill and in the communications department at a Fortune 500 company, she sought validation and fulfillment through work, believing she was chasing success but all she got was crippling back pain and debilitating anxiety. So, after taking a  leap of faith to move to LA, she started experimenting with healing modalities. "Why not?!" 

That radical shift started her journey of exploring movement and energy practices that have now taken her to dizzying heights and she believes in paying it forward by sharing them, as a teacher and author, with as many people as possible! 

In this episode we discuss her journey to and through burnout, the small but significant changes that have helped her and her clients ditch the fatigue and overwhelm and her definition of Radical Shifts and why they are essential to breaking from the Burnout Hamster Wheel.

You can Connect with Kelsey below



P.P.S. Do something to care for yourself this week and book a FREE call with me! Initial calls last 35 minutes and are a great way to kickstart your burnout recovery.


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