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Kimberley Taylor: A Money Mindset Expert Shares The Restaurant Tears That Lead To Her Healing

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

In today’s episode, I’m speaking with Kimberley Taylor, a Mindset Expert and Certified NLP Practitioner who helps successful women entrepreneurs smash through their inner limits and welcome in more income, confidence & impact.

Using her multi-disciplined coaching style, she helps her clients to fully release the baggage that is slowing them down, reimagine what is possible for them and create their own unique success blueprint. By helping women to uncover and release their past limitations and money stories, she enables them to achieve results like selling out their programs on repeat, doubling their rates and selling $10k+ packages with ease, all whilst feeling more powerful, joyful and trusting of themselves.

We talked about how she burnt out at the end of University leading to an overdose, coped with intense pressure (badly)at work leading to building a business that caused burnout instead of freedom and why it’s so crucial to allow the deeper, inner healing to completely release burnout. Kim also shares how she works on the deeper aspects of healing with her clients and where coaches and entrepreneurs can get tempted to “do-it-yourself” and how that cheats you of real transformation, you don’t want to miss that!

I truly enjoyed speaking with Kimberley and sharing my own truths, so in keeping with the theme of vulnerability, both of us would love to know

What resonated the most with you from today’s episode and ONE way you are committed to supporting yourself on your healing journey TODAY?

Send me a message on Instagram and I cannot wait to hear from you!

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