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Lisa Fitzpatrick: Honor Your Inner Compass to Guide You Through Burnout Recovery

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

But I think there was a disorientation because I had bought into the lie that if I was a good girl that everything would be ok, I’d be happy. But on the inside, I was broken. I realized that unless I could find myself, I would be in grave danger of getting seriously unwell physically. - Lisa Fitzpatrick

BIO: As the founder of Sacred Women's Business Coaching, Lisa Fitzpatrick supports spiritual women in service-based businesses to expand their online and offline presence. Lisa is committed to making a fierce feminine stand for high achieving, conscious women leaders to tap into their feminine wisdom and find their leading edge and leave their legacy.

Lisa believes that spiritually aware women who are prepared to do the inner and outer work of realizing their life purpose will heal the world and support a feminine shift towards greater balance and equality for all beings. The more awakened women who take empowered leadership positions in the world and through their businesses, the greater the potential for healing our troubled world. Sacred Women’s Business was proud to be an official AusMumPreneur expert in 2016.

Lisa is a certified coach, best-selling author, yoga teacher, workshop facilitator, keynote speaker, and registered physiotherapist specialising in women’s empowerment and embodiment practices. She lives in a subtropical paradise near Byron Bay and is a proud mother of 2 sons.



In 2005, I found myself as a solo parent with 2 young sons, lined up in a welfare queue and completely shattered because I couldn't understand how life could have gone so wrong. I felt so alone and without guidance that I made a decision that if I was ever going to get my life together, I would become a worthy guide to other women.

Cait's Notes: This conversation with Lisa touches deep into the expectations about what it means to be fulfilled as a woman according to society and then later according to our inner worlds. Lisa talks about her book, Healing the Heart of Your Business, and her theories on embracing your feminine energy so that you can also embrace the masculine. We talked about the heroine’s journey, the dark night of the soul, and being stuck in gilded cages. She said at one point: “Imagine if I had been the woman who stayed [in my privileged comfort], I felt as if I was in the wrong life”. How many people have woken up and said to themselves: ‘Is this my life?’ How many people have fulfilled their ‘duties’ only to find themselves wondering if this result is actually what they wanted in the first place? Our discussion also came around to talking about reattaching to our innate wisdom, our inner compasses, and learning to drop the outside guidance to reach inside and find out WHO we are, WHY we are, and WHERE we’re going next. And do you know where we’re going? To ourselves. To our desires. To our strengths. We’re ending the burnout cycle because we’re having these conversations and doing this together. Lisa asks, during this episode, that you remember these few things: You are SO loved

Your inner compass still works

Aging is vitalizing

I agree.

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