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Maggie Reyes: Trust the Whispers, Leave Burnout Behind

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

I had a massive resistance to resting. I would judge myself and be unkind to myself. Up till that point in my life success came from pushing through. It really took a lot of self-coaching and focus and redirecting myself toward, ‘it’s safe to rest’. Maggie Reyes


Maggie Reyes is a Life Coach and Modern Marriage Mentor who helps smart women have better marriages. If you have tried workshops and counseling and feel like nothing sticks, working with Maggie will show you how you can totally transform your relationship by focusing on working on yourself instead of trying to change your partner. Her romantic-yet-practical approach to love and marriage has appeared in numerous publications including Brides, Bustle, Lifehacker, Martha Stewart Weddings and the nationally syndicated radio show Day Break USA.  You can find her online at or on Facebook in The Better Marriage Club. 

Maggie's Story: Although I help women who feel burned out in their marriages, my burnout was from work, I was in a 24/7 industry (hospitality) and I didn't manage my boundaries well and ended up overworked and burnt out. 


Additional notes about the talk:

It is extremely important to me that people see their doctors before doing burnout coaching with me because sometimes we find something out that’s an easy fix. Maggie was EXHAUSTED and waking up unrested. She went to her doctor and found out she had slight sleep apnea. Now, she sleeps with a CPAP machine and wakes up earlier than ever with energy to spare. I’ve had other clients and patients find out that they had thyroid issues, anemia, low-level chronic infections, and more. I was so glad to hear Maggie talk about this in her episode because it’s so important. No matter how much I love natural health and Chinese medicine, you NEED to know your labs!

Maggie organizes her time; she has space for rest, for time, and for fun - all scheduled in. This is what boundaries mean to her and she explains that she would judge herself for resting before her burnout and really needed to learn that rest was ESSENTIAL and not ‘Lazy’ or ‘Selfish’ because success, to that point, for her had come by ‘pushing through’. 

We also talk about feeling stuck in life and how to get out of it. You know you’re stuck if: You feel like there is something missing - that’s how you know you need to explore and listen to the whispers TO trust your whispers 1. Look at what you desire

2. Allow yourself the discomfort of saying No.

3. Allow yourself to disappoint people. LINKS: The Five Power Questions Every Woman Should Know:

As always, the best conversations are happening on the IG profile for FRIED - You can find it here and share all your thoughts, takeaways, and lightbulb moments!

Good vibes always,


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P.P.S. I am here to help, don't hesitate to get on a call with me to figure out how I can help guide you away from burnout!

P.P.P.S. Thanks for listening :)


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