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Melanie Moberg: Stop Worrying About Everyone Else's Needs

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

(and Start Focusing on Yourself to Heal Your Burnout )

**Trigger warning: We discuss suicide and drug use in this episode. If you are particularly sensitive to these topics, you might want to avoid this one.

Episode summary: In this episode, guest Melanie Moberg who is a codependency coach, shares her story through healing codependency that hit her hard after losing her brother. Convinced she could save others, she dove into pouring all her attention into other family members that struggled with mental health and addiction. We chat about how codependent behaviors can steal your ability to know your own wants, needs, desires, and preferences and lead to resentment, fatigue, and yes.. burnout.

Topics discussed in this episode:

- A magic question from a therapist that lead to personal peace [9:00]

- A definition of codependency [11:32]

- An example of codependency in Cait’s life [13:00]

- Boundaries and codependency [19:35]

- Moving out of victimhood [25:13]

- Sick of doing the laundry [33:00]

- The magic question to decipher between enabling and helping [42:26]

- Being empathetic vs being codependent [49:00]

- How I like my turkey sliced [53:45]

“Codependency is caring for others and people pleasing until you’ve lost yourself” Melanie Moberg

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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Take Melanie’s Codependency Quiz: Buy Melanie’s Book: Warriors in Recovery on Amazon starting Dec 8th!

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