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Monica Wang: How to Burnout, Recover, and Keep Your Job

Updated: Mar 7


I'm excited about today's episode. Our guest, Dr. Monica Wang, will share her inspiring journey of overcoming burnout as a veterinarian and staying a veterinarian. Monica was a client of mine a couple of years ago and offers insight into the coaching process.

She’ll discuss her challenges of burnout in veterinary school, Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine, the importance of self-care, and how small changes impacted her well-being. She will also talk about how she set boundaries, embraced core values, reduced work hours, managed burnout, and achieved work-life balance.

Episode Highlights:

Monica encourages people to discover and embrace their values. Imagine this: instead of a generic checklist, self-care becomes a personalized experience that aligns with what truly matters to each of us. It's the key to navigating burnout in a way that feels right for you.

But that's not all; picture having a supportive guide during times of burnout – someone who can help you reflect on your experiences when self-reflection feels difficult. Whether it's a coach, therapist, or another professional, external support becomes your compass through the burnout maze.

And here's where Monica shares some truth about the "Work Harder" trap. She dispels the myth that pushing harder is the solution to burnout – in fact, it might make things worse. She encourages us to shift our perspective, seek support, and understand that more effort isn't always the answer. Take a moment to absorb that.

Appreciate and act upon every little aspect of self-care – because within those small changes lies the potential for significant well-being transformation.

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