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Christina Vuleta, Co-founder of MINDALT: From Deodorant to The World's Most Mindful Office

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Episode summary: Christina Vuleta, co-founder of MINDALT - a mood altering deodorant, joins me on this episode to share her story AND to announce a joint venture that we are so excited about. Christina’s idea to create The World’s Most Mindful Office is coming to life thanks to partnerships with, well, myself :), Luminary - an amazing co-working space in NYC, Caveday - facilitated Deep Focus Sessions, - Mindfulness meditation, Spiritune - music therapy to help you reach your goals and more!

Including more mindful moments in your day is an important part of staying in touch with your needs and therefore avoiding burnout. In a time when our dining room tables became offices and the lines got blurred between work and home, we need a moment to stop, collect our thoughts, and create more mindful spaces for ourselves.

Topics discussed in this episode:

- The New York City Rush & Eating Breakfast [5:43]

- Making Everyday Things into Intentional Rituals [9:20]

- MINDALT’s story: Smell, Swipe, Smile [10:28]

- MINALT’s WHY: Being In A Better Mood, Easily [13:43]

- What Do You Need MORE of: Mindfulness, Focus, Calm, Energy [15:35]

- Luminary and Cate Luzio (1204 Broadway, NOMAD, NYC) [19:45]

- Caveday - Provide the Focus Break [20:59]

- INVITE! The World’s Most Mindful Office [22:28]

- Creating Mindful Moments [24:19]

- Checking in with YOUR Needs, and Meeting Them In The Mindful Office [28:29]

- Checking in with YOUR Needs, and Meeting Them In YOUR Office [30:27]

- Additional Programming about Mindfulness throughout the Month of April! Check out Luminary’s Event page for more [32:44]

- Book a day in the mindful office and WIN a gift basket full of amazing products from Luminary Members! [34:53]* (See below for a list of included products!)

If you love the idea of having an entire working day that is designed to help you focus, be more mindful, more productive, and end the day with more energy and more calm, we want you to book your day in The World’s Most Mindful Office! Luminary Members can book a full day in the office for just $20, and non members for just $40. This is an amazing way to create a beautiful day for yourself during stress awareness month and get inspired to increase the mindfulness of your own office!

ALSO - When you are one of the lucky people to book a day in The World’s Most Mindful Office, you will be entered into a raffle for an amazing gift basket to be given away at the end of the month full of amazing products by Luminary Members. (List included Below)

Partners Caveday:

Products In The Gift Basket: CBD Gummies from:

Eye Pillow from:

‘Wisdom’ Body Butter from:

Reusable gift bags from: Luxury Nirogam Ayurveda Tea from:

MINDALT deodorant:


P.S. TLDR, April 1-30, 2021 you can book yourself a workcation at The World's Most Mindful Office at Luminary a co-working space in the NOMAD district of NYC. The office will be outfitted to support you having a focused, productive, mindful day in every single way :)

P.P.S. I really am super excited about this. It's the most fun project I've ever been lucky enough to be a part of.

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