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Nathalie Norris: The Energy You Need For The Life You Want

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

I think especially in the self-help world there is this idea that your body doesn’t matter, that it’s strictly about your thoughts - but I can tell you that if I was reading that in a burnt-out state, I’d want to lift the middle finger to the whole section. Until you start to have the change in your body, the mindset stuff is going to feel so much harder. - Nathalie Norris


Nathalie Norris is the Holistic Nutritionist at Glow Nutritional Consulting ( online). She's helped hundreds of women feel their best from around the world. She turns exhaustion into energy and lethargy into motivation, allowing her amazing clients to say, "YES!" to the big dreams in their hearts.


I jumped on a plane to India at age 18. It was the best trip in that the highs were SO elevated! And the lows were so bottomless. I was there for 3 months and in a mix of eating the food the orphanage I was volunteering at could afford, and my culture shock of just wanting to eat anything that was familiar from home (chocolate bars), I slowly drained myself out (which I didn't know until I got home).

When I got home and the beauty and magic and newness of traveling was no longer so stimulating every day, my boyfriend and I found an apartment together and moved in together. What was an incredibly exciting time also became the most caffeine-drenched time of my life, just trying to keep up with everything I had going on. I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life, I felt like I should be working more even though I could afford everything on a couple of nights working as a bartender a week, and that left me with a lot of time that was filled with exhaustion, depression, pressure, caffeine and depletion.

When it became really unbearable, and I'd been to my Doctor for blood tests (everything looked fine), I just started researching anything that could help. I slowly found a few superfoods that lifted my burnout a little bit. And piece by piece I became OBSESSED with natural health.

I became a Holistic Nutritionist continuing to look for answers, and as soon as I found them, I committed to running a full marathon, helped plan my sister's wedding, was in school full time and worked weekends. It was such a crazy summer but I have the best memories of it (not only because my sister got married!), but because when I crossed the finish line on the full marathon, I knew I was no longer that exhausted, depressed person anymore and it gave me so much confidence, pride and love for myself.


Additional notes about the talk:

Nathalie told me that a major catalyst for her was realizing that she wanted a family in the future and she already didn’t have enough energy to make it happen. After getting blood work that said that she was fine, Nathalie found her way toward natural medicine, staring with spirulina and then moving more and more into the world of nutrition, superfoods, and more. Listen to this one all the way through the end - Nathalie has an important message just for you. LISTEN HERE: XOXO C


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