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Updated: Mar 20, 2022

I had no idea that when my Achilles ruptured, it’d turn into such a powerful journey. As a natural cup-is-half-full kinda person, I thought that I would get something positive out of it…. because I would make an effort to getting something positive out of it. I may have mentioned this once or twice (or 32343 times) but I don’t believe that things always “happen for a reason”. I believe it is our job to use our trials to the best of our ability in order to give them a reason - to be sure that in the future when we look back and tell our stories, we are able to do so with a positive reframe. This helps us avoid bitterness, resentment, and being stuck on the same thought loop for most of our lives. One thing doesn’t make you or break you and EVERYONE has a few shitty scenarios that they’ve experienced on their way to where they are today. The difference between the happy and the miserable is this ability to reframe. It’s a life skill that everyone should learn. As I fell asleep a few Saturdays ago, I cried. I had just spent a great week with my mom. She came and took care of me while my foot was out of action. She was leaving in the morning and I felt lost. What was I going to do with all this time? There’s only so much rest a girl can get and I was already meditating 1.5-2 hours a day. So, tears falling onto my pillow, I spoke to the air and said “Please help me, please help me figure out what the next best step is, please show me what to do next”.. And I went to sleep. I woke up the next day with a fire in my stomach and the idea to run a second season of the podcast. The first season was called: What Would Cait Say (you can check it out here: ) but I knew that the second season needed to be something fresh. Something new… and I knew that it had to happen interview style. I do my best work when there’s a second person to explore and untangle ideas with. And thus, FRIED - The Ultimate Guide to Burnout Podcast was born! I wrote 2 posts in 2 different Facebook groups asking for people who had a story to tell about burnout and I was pumped that by the end of the day, already 4 people had scheduled to chat with me! Huge success! When I woke up Monday morning? I had over 30 requests from people who wanted to record their stories to help people. 30 Stories that are meant to be told to help. 30 people willing to spend an hour with me for the benefit of everyone who gets to listen. I was FLOORED. I closed comments (so that I wouldn’t burnout making a podcast about burnout… ;) and continued to get private messages with people asking me for the chance to share their stories. So far, I’ve recorded 13 episodes and, you guys, there is magic happening. The stories that I have the honor of holding space for are life-changing. These people are you and me. They are normal, everyday people, who have been through the wringer and come out the other side to tell the tale. This is not a magical unicorn space of all good things and life always being positive. This is about death, loss, crying on bathroom floors, being stuck in fetal position for hours, considering driving on the other side of road so that it looks like an accident. This is about resilience, boundaries, and communication - the skills EVERYONE talks about needing to build to bounce back from where they were. This is about therapy, trauma, acupuncture, medicine circles, and organization that saves your sanity.

This is the picture of burnout from the mouths of people like you. The first episode comes out July 16th and we’re starting with a bang. I’ll be sharing a chat with Ashley Rose, a Transformational Life Coach who focuses on working with women with trauma. I got chills multiple times throughout our conversations as we talked about deep depression, therapy, worrying about being ‘good enough’, worrying about the value of life experience, and the grace and beauty that happens when we allow ourselves to be truly seen. I hope you’ll listen. For you, for me, and for everyone else who’s ever felt like the stuff they feel and go through only happens to them. I hope you’ll share these episodes far and wide so that each one has a chance to reach the corner of the globe, the exact person is was meant for. I hope you’ll note your own resilience, your bouncebackability, and your ability to create a life that heals. Follow along on the journey on IG:

Or check the blog on the regular, all show notes and episodes will be posted there:

With so much love, C


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