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Paule Liub: Autistic and Neurodivergent Burnout Recovery

Updated: Mar 7

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In today's episode, I have a heartfelt conversation about an often overlooked aspect of burnout – its intersection with autism and neurodivergence. My guest, Paula Liub, a burnout coach for people who identify as neurodivergent, shares her personal journey of overcoming burnout as a neurodivergent individual, getting a late autism diagnosis and offers valuable insights into understanding and managing burnout within the neurodivergent community.

Episode Highlights:

Paula Liub shares her personal burnout story, which she describes as having three distinct stages. She recounts her journey from experiencing repetitive burnouts, recognizing the need for change, and finally discovering her autistic diagnosis as the missing piece that led to complete recovery and prevention of further burnout.

Paula encourages listeners, especially those within the neurodivergent community, to embrace their sensitivities and needs. She highlights the importance of self-validation, trusting one's body and experiences, and prioritizing well-being without waiting for a formal diagnosis.

Remember, your burnout recovery journey is valid and unique – prioritize your well-being and embrace your neurodivergent strengths.

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