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Riley Jarvis: The Big Secrets of Exceptional Sleep with the Sleep Consultant

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

“Prioritize your sleep and life will be a lot, lot better,” emphasizes Riley Jarvis, Founder, and Owner of The Sleep Consultant. Riley created The Sleep Consultant after realizing how much of an impact sleep had on his burnout recovery process. Through his company, he helps CEOs, entrepreneurs, and other high achievers optimize their performance with individualized scientific lab testing.

Riley’s burnout came when he was in the early stages of his career and began experiencing severe fatigue. When doctors discovered that he had Crohn's disease, Riley sought out functional medicine practitioners and tried every supplement he could to get his health back on track. By changing his diet, his sleep habits, and incorporating supplements into his life, Riley was able to get his Crohn’s symptoms into remission and break out of his burnout.

Tune into today’s episode of FRIED. The Burnout Podcast for a conversation with Riley Jarvis about the importance that sleep has on every aspect of your health. Listen for tips to improve your relationship with sleep and start prioritizing your health.


  • “What if we could hack the sleep that you are getting? So let’s say you only want to sleep 6 hours, where those deep sleep cycles are so rejuvenating that you just wake up with an abundance of energy, compared to if you slept 8 or 9 hours. Because it’s about quality, not quantity.” (10:58-11:14)

  • “I started getting this network of clients. I wasn’t even doing any advertising or anything. I had a book of probably 15-20 clients and I noticed that I was really onto something. I noticed in the whole sleep space, a lot of people focused on exercise and diet, but sleep was kind of that missing pillar that nobody talked about. Then the idea just came to me. I could turn this into something!” (26:20-26:53)

  • “Your cortisol levels hit their peak after about 90 minutes and we don’t want to have our first cup of coffee when it’s already at its peak. We wanna wait about 90 minutes when it starts to crest and then we’ll bring in the coffee. But what a lot of people do is right after they wake up, they’re already dehydrated, they go straight to coffee, which is a diuretic, making them more dehydrated.” (27:55-28:19)

  • What you really want to do is listen to your body. Find what your body’s natural rhythm is. If you can afford to do it, not having an alarm clock whatsoever and testing this for a few weeks and seeing what time does your body naturally get tired, without exposing your eyes to blue light. You can wear blue light-blocking glasses. Seeing what time does it actually wake you up in the morning. One thing that’s kind of scary, you’ll start waking up at the same time every morning. It's all self-experimentation at the end of the day. I would say listen to your gut and your intuition.” (32:01-32:43)

  • “Prioritize your sleep and life will be a lot, lot better.” (39:28-39:33)




If you know that it’s time to actually DO something about the burnout cycle you’ve been in for too long - book your free consult today:


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