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#SFC&S: Burnout and Sleep: A Chinese Medicine Perspective

Updated: Mar 7

In today's episode, Sarah and I discuss the topic of sleep, particularly from the perspective of Chinese medicine. They also talk about the phases of burnout and how they can impact sleep patterns for certain individuals.

Episode Highlights:

Cait and Sarah delve into the Chinese medicine perspective on sleep, introducing the concept of Yin and Yang. They use the Yin Yang symbol to explain the interdependence of these opposing forces, describing Yin as cold, dark, still, and moist, while Yang is associated with warmth, activity, and movement. They explain how the balance between Yin and Yang is crucial for overall well-being and how disruptions can affect sleep.

They encourage listeners to consider the Chinese medicine perspective on sleep and explore the principles of the Yin and Yang balance. They want listeners to view sleep through this lens, understanding the interplay between Yin and Yang as they aim to provide a fresh perspective that may help listeners make different choices to improve their sleep.

Remember, understanding the phases of burnout and recognizing how imbalances in Yin and Yang can impact sleep patterns. The goal is to empower everyone with a new understanding of sleep and potential strategies for improving sleep quality.

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