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#straightfromcait: 5 Words You Can Focus On To Help You Recover From Burnout

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

Hey Fried Fans!

This episode is being released on my birthday! YAYYAYAYYAYAY!

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Today I want to chat with you about the power of words. Often, in the first call with a new coaching client, there is a word that pokes itself out and decides that this is what we need to focus on during our work together.

It happens intuitively, and it serves as great guidance as you heal. Today, I want to share 5 of them with you that happen to pop up fairly frequently!

1. Safety - there can be a lack of safety in your life even if you’re technically ‘safe’. If there are areas where you feel unsafe, your nervous system will remain stuck in fight or flight and it will be really hard for you to heal. This can mean living with someone who has explosive emotions, it can mean feeling that you don’t buy new stuff because you’re afraid you can’t care for it.

2. Owning Your Genius - this is true if you’re on the right path, but still need to allow yourself to grow to a bigger scale - staying small can burn you out!

3. Truth - when you are living a life that your parents or culture would deem acceptable but what you want to do is a little less conventional or socially acceptable than traditional modes of working ( or LIVING).

4. Community - we need other people. A couple weeks ago, I did a #straightfromcait about external validation and I meant every single word. Soon, there will be a FB group around The Bouncebackability Factor (preorder now!)

5. Embodiment - the knowledge that you have in your brain is shared with your heart and your body. I was stuck in intellectualizing my situation for a long time and I HAD the knowledge, but I wasn’t APPLYING all the knowledge. Practicing allows for embodiment!

If you want your own word, we start by getting on a free consult call (we need to know we love each other before we start this process! :)). You can book a time slot for yourself here:



P.S. The Bouncebackability Factor Reviews are IN! Here’s an example to get you excited to snag your copy ASAP…

“I laughed, I cried, I took a deep breath and sighed … was it possible Cait had been following me around and documenting my trials and tribulations??? It was a BLESSING to acknowledge that the symptoms and manifestations of Burn-Out were systemic in society, especially so with women. It was also reaffirming to know that it is possible to slow the progression of being fried alive by learning to recognize signs and symptoms and pay attention to the whispers of the body that require attention and lovingkindness, before the whispers turn into screams, or worse.” Kathy


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