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Stacie Mitchell: High Functioning Anxiety and Burnout

Updated: Oct 1, 2022


Stacie Mitchell is a Life Coach who helps women with high functioning anxiety find their calm and live their most authentic lives. Stacie was trained at Raleigh Coaching Academy in Authentic Leadership Coaching, and also has a Master's in Counseling from Hofstra University and a Bachelor's in Psychology from West Texas A&M. If you can't tell, she LOVES personal development and helping others achieve their dream lives. She's traveled to 22 countries and has even career coached a sheikha (aka a Middle Eastern princess).


My burnout comes from years and years of living for achievements and accolades and being untrue to what I really wanted. When I went after a promotion and got it, I also got a pay raise and a swift kick in the butt when I realized it wasn't really what I wanted. And because of my beliefs around money, I felt like I needed to work longer and harder than I had before (doing work I wasn't particularly excited about). I'm still in that job now, but I've found a way to incorporate more of what I love, to set boundaries, and to know that my worth is more than my title and the number of hours I work each week.



Stacie Mitchell and I have a lot in common. We love dogs. We're both coaches. We're both obsessed with personal development. And we're both highly functioning anxious people. Stacie has made this the cornerstone of her coaching practice and talks us through her journey from: burnout, to awareness of anxiety, to the coaching training that turned it all around for her. She credits great questions, great friends, a willingness to learn, her family and her mini Australian shepherd (who is the CUTEST - seriously, check out Stacie's IG for pics) with getting her to the place she is today.

In this episode, Stacie talks us through a time that she had to back out of a commitment and how she did it - you'll want to listen to that part and I hope it will inspire you to take something off your plate this week!

In fact, I CHALLENGE you to take something off your plate this week and send me a message to tell me about it! Go ahead, permission to disappoint someone GRANTED! Good Vibes Always,


P.S. The campaign to bring The Bouncebackability Factor to published life is LIVE. You can check it out HERE.


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