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#straightfromcait: Celebrating 100 Guests and 100 Burnout Recovery Tips

From learning body signals to learning about the link between energy expenditure and finances, over 100 guests have opened up and shared their burnout stories. In today’s #straightfromcait episode, Cait Donovan, host and burnout speaker, shares burnout recovery tips from 2 guests from each season of FRIED, including lessons from guests like Ashley Rose, Maggie Reyes, Simone Craig, Dr. Valerie Ryan, and more.

Ashley Rose was the first guest ever on FRIED. She and Cait spoke about how childhood trauma creates a greater risk of burnout as an adult. Next, Cait recalls the episode with Maggie Reyes about how there can be a physical component to burnout. You can do all the therapy you want, but if something is physically wrong like a thyroid deficiency or anemia, you will not be able to fully recover without addressing it first. Cait goes on to share more stories from past podcast guests, delving into topics like addiction and codependency, the patriarchy, and the neuroscience of burnout.

There is a lot of valuable information provided throughout the six seasons of FRIED thanks to over 100 guests opening up and sharing their stories of burnout recovery. With tips about being more in touch with your body, following the breadcrumbs to make small changes, surrendering control, and more, you can be sure to learn something that will resonate with your own experiences.


“Burnout was part of the story, but part of her burnout was this physical portion. And I think that's so important to remember in a world that is telling us constantly that trauma is the root of all of our problems.” (6:46-6:57 | Cait)

Follow the breadcrumbs. Look to the smallest little hints of what you should be doing next and follow those and allow them to slowly transform you, instead of trying to make this big massive change. Because big massive changes take big massive energy that you just don't have right now.” (7:25-7:42 | Cait)

Codependence is this way that we give to other people so much until there's nothing of us left, until we are completely lost. This is such a common thing in burnout.” (10:21-10:31 | Cait)

When you don't have systems in place to make your life easier, you're spending extra energy figuring everything out fresh every time you do it. Which means that you are blocking the energy that you need to have available for creativity, for joy, for fun, for things that are not get this task done kind of energy.” (15:29-15:48 | Cait)




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