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#straightfromcait: Sometimes, Feeling Like Shit Is The Only Option (and that's okay too)

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

In this week's #straightfromcait, I'm reading to you from my book, The Bouncebackability Factor (Kindle pre-orders are available now!). I think this passage is important for today because it is all about sitting in the muck when we feel like shit, not spiritually bypassing our problems, and not finding silver linings before it's too soon. Right now, amidst coronavirus and the very necessary renewed talks on racism, the energy is heavy - and before we try to shake it off, we need to allow it time to process. The passage that I read from the book this week should help you understand why.

It also includes a personal story about my own time sitting in the muck and what I was using to get through it. One of the things you can do if you're stock full of resentments and you're feeling stuck in them, is The Resentment Journal Mini-Course and it's a $27, 17-page fill in able pdf workbook for your emotional transformation pleasure. It even got me an article in Forbes recently, so you know it's good stuff ;) You can grab your copy of the Resentment Journal here: And, if you know you need more support than that, you can always book a free consult to find out how I can help :)



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