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#straightfromcait: When You're Burnt Out and Overwhelmed, How do You Start to Heal?

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

So, here’s the Q: I’m burnt out and overwhelmed, how do I start to heal? This is a massively important question and I’ll tell you what I realized recently on some free consults - most of the time, there is a physical component of your burnout that needs to be dealt with BEFORE you head into the inner boundaries, mindset, proper energy spending, and unraveling trauma (and and and). This means that just last week, I shifted my offer to allow people the chance to use basic chinese medical techniques and nutrition on themselves to create more physical health before we dive into our ‘coaching’ work. One of the biggest issues I see in the burnout world, and honestly the coaching world at large, is that we have ignored the physical body. Now, don’t go mental on me, I know that your mental and emotional state has an effect on the physical body AND at the same time, i know that if your body is spending 40 out of 100 units of your daily energy on brain fog because you’re not drinking enough water, I’d rather have you up your h2o intake for 3-4 weeks and allow that to clear. This means that when we start coaching, you have as much energy as possible available to actually do this work. Here are the things that I use most often: 1. Drink more water. Dehydration is the #1 reason for brain fog. It’s also responsible for bowel issues and those cost a ton of energy. 2. Take Vitamin D - in liquid form. I like Solgar and pure encapsulations brands. Most of us are Vitamin D deficient. 3. Eat warm foods. In Chinese medicine, uncooked, raw and cold foods cost your body more energy in digestion, so by eating mostly warm foods, you’ll make it easier on your body and get some energy back 4. Cut back on cardio. When you’re burnt out, cardio costs you more than it gives you. If you used to be able to run a 5k and then work all day like nothing but now, you need a nap after running a 5k, it’s time to cut back - your body doesn’t have that energy to spend right now 5. Use a supplement like Nadovim - NAD+ is a supplement that helps your body use the energy from the food you eat for your brain - it makes it easier for your brain to heal, it reduces brain fog, and it aids in decision-making processes. You can grab 20% off using the code BURNOUT at I also have a short ebook available on my website that is designed to give you the most basic, simple, easy to apply advice that won’t overwhelm you and might just get you to an energized enough place that the next step becomes obvious. GRAB THE E-BOOK HERE I think the most important message here is this: When you’re burnt out and overwhelmed, you start to heal by taking a very small step. You add a glass of water as soon as you wake up - and you add nothing else for the next 3 weeks until that is a habit. Recovering from burnout is an onion peeling process and it should happen slowly so that you catch every energy leak that needs to be plugged, every habit that needs to be shifted, every belief that is no longer serving you. There is a reason I don’t offer weekly calls to my clients that buy coaching packages. After one hour of work, we need a couple of weeks to watch what happens as it unfolds so that we can make the best, easiest, most impactful change for the next round. You start with 1 simple step. Just 1. Not 5, promise me not 5. As a person who stayed on the burnout cycle for years, I know how hard it is to not up the ante on yourself all the time. If I need more water, I’ll have 10 glasses a day, NO MATTER WHAT! And then day 1, you manage to have 6 and you start a cycle of self-bashing. It’s just not useful. So, if you want to use a tip from this show, my advice is this: Start with 1. Just one. Give yourself a few weeks to practice it, try it out, create a habit as much as possible. After 3 weeks, check-in with yourself about how you’re feeling. We want you to feel 5% better. We’re not looking for miracles, we’re looking for forward progress. XOXO C P.S. For me, this is just setting the stage for healing from burnout. The real work comes when we figure out what is driving those burnout behaviors underneath it all. We don't solve burnout by changing our schedules and color-coding our calendars. We solve it by untangling the beliefs and systems that we've inherited and lead us to act in a way that burns us out. Start with your physical body, but then get ready for the real work.

P.P.S. And if it's the real work you're looking for, start here: BOOK A FREE CONSULT

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