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#straightfromcait: You're Burnt Out. Here's What That Means About You

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Are you constantly changing yourself to try and adjust to other people’s values? When you sacrifice your core values for other people, this will often lead to burnout.

Recovering from burnout requires you to set limits for your life that will keep you safe and healthy. By pushing perfectionism just to make other people happy, you risk burning out. Focus on your own core beliefs and do what you need to do to support yourself instead of constantly focusing on others. You have intrinsic value and deserve a life where you are protected from burnout.

Tune into this week’s #straightfromcait episode for a wrap-up of Season 4. Learn to stop criticizing coping mechanisms that your body created to protect you, stop sacrificing your core values for others, and build healthy boundaries to keep yourself safe.


  • “I am here to celebrate the best parts of you and remind you how great you are whether you’re freshly burnt out and it is your first time here or you’re long time recovered and you’re just here to keep up.” (2:01-2:12)

  • “There is a platinum rule when you are working with a FRIED. Burnout Coach: there will be no demonizing of your behaviors, coping mechanisms, or habits. Yes even the shitty ones. There are usually reasons that you behave in one way or another and most of the time behaviors that you engage in at some point had a positive intention or effect, or they were created without attention and intention as a result of someone else’s behavior when you were a child. What we do focus on is the fact that some of these behaviors leave you vulnerable to burnout, especially if you’re in shitty or toxic environments, whether those be work or home.” (2:20-3:14)

  • Where do you want to apply your perfectionism and where can you let it go because it’s based on someone else’s standards or values that don’t match your own?” (5:14-5:22)

  • “That’s how we #endburnoutculture. When we all return to our core values over and over and over again.” (5:53-6:01)

  • You are not broken. You have power. You have power to utilize your gifts in a way that is supportive and useful for you and others. The parts of you that you judge have gold nuggets in them. Burnout recovery does not require that you fundamentally change who you are, but rather become more of who you are within limits that you set for yourself to keep you safe, healthy, and protected.” (6:56-7:23)

  • You have so much to offer simply by existing. You just might need to allow the rules of the game to shift a little instead of constantly trying to change yourself.” (8:12-8:24)




If you know that it’s time to actually DO something about the burnout cycle you’ve been in for too long - book your free consult today:


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