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#straightfromsarah: Guided Meditation for Grounding, Filling up, and Protection

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Guided meditation is a great way to center yourself by reconnecting with your body and the Earth around you. Meditation provides a safe space for your body to heal and replenish itself while keeping your mind clear enough for you to receive messages from your heart. In this week’s #straightfromsarah episode, FRIED Burnout Coach Sarah Vosen guides listeners through a meditation for grounding, filling up the body with energy, and creating a protected space.

Often burnout occurs after a long period of ignoring the messages being sent by your body. When you slow down and meditate, those messages can actually come through and provide clarity on situations where you may have otherwise struggled. Meditation does not require you to have perfect posture or to measure your inhales and exhales. It is best to get into whatever is the most comfortable position for you. Really listen to what feels right for your body and go with it. Use your inhales and exhales to bring the nourishing energy from the Earth into your body and to release the negative energies that are no longer serving your interests. When your mind is quiet and you have created a sphere of protection around yourself, then is the best time to ask yourself any question that you need direction on. Listen for the answer from your body, from your heart, instead of from your mind. It may not sound like a conventional answer, so be open to receiving answers that may seem illogical or that may appear in sounds or pictures in your brain rather than clear thoughts or words.

Meditation is a great method for reconnecting with yourself, because it can be done from anywhere and requires no tools. Tune into this week’s #straightfromsarah episode to experience a guided meditation and learn how to use meditation on your healing journey.


“The best way to do this meditation is however you will be the most comfortable in whatever position provides you with relief in this moment.” (2:05-2:13 | Sarah)

“If you have a question that's been spinning around or a decision that you need to make, answering it from this meditation space is often much easier. Because we're not being bombarded with other people's shoulds and energy. We can just ask ourselves the question and we can just listen for the answer. See if you can listen for the answer to just arrive from your heart, from your body, rather than from your mind.” (13:43-14:14 | Sarah)

“Sometimes, when we get answers from our body, from our heart, the answers come in pictures, or colors, or sounds rather than words.” (14:50-15:00 | Sarah)

“Trust that what you get is correct for you.” (15:19-15:21 | Sarah)




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