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#straightfromsarah: Rebuilding Trust With Yourself During Burnout Recovery

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Do you struggle with trusting yourself? If you’re experiencing burnout it can be extremely difficult to trust yourself. You’ve been ignoring your body’s signals for a long time, not taking care of yourself properly, and you likely feel like a shell of yourself. To recover from burnout, you must rebuild that trust. In the first ever #straightfromsarah episode, FRIED burnout coach Sarah Vosen talks about how to begin the trust building process.

Learning to listen to your body is essential to burnout recovery. It’s likely that by the time you’ve burnt out, your body has been screaming at you for quite some time. If you tune in and really listen, you will start to learn what your body needs and be able to respond accordingly. Once you start providing your body with what it needs and stop forcing yourself to do things that you hate, you will naturally rebuild trust in yourself.

Tune in to this week’s #straightfromsarah episode to learn about how to get started with rebuilding trust in yourself. Learn how to listen to signals from your body in order to aid your burnout recovery.


“The good news is that we can learn new ways of being and doing that rebuild trust with ourselves. I know that it may sound impossible to trust yourself, especially if you're at the peak of your burnout. You just don't feel trustworthy, you feel like a shell of yourself. But lucky for us, we can bounce back.” (1:56-2:12)

“Overall, I have a much better relationship with my body than I've ever had, since I started listening and providing instead of forcing myself to do what someone told me was right. “ (8:30-8:41)

“Really notice anything that you're feeling that you don't like, notice the symptom and take a second to say, “Hello body part. I hear you. I'm listening now.” And then make a page in your journal or in a note on your phone and list the body part that is talking to you. This is enough to start, just keep tuning in and noticing the body parts that are talking to you or yelling at you.” (10:48-11:14)

“If you've been ignoring your body's messages for years, your body might act like a cat that you left home while you went on vacation. At first it might be pretty pissed and poop on your bed until it realizes that you are here to stay and actually ready to listen.” (11:49-12:04)

“Remember, the road to healing is not a straight line.” (12:18-12:20)

We are not trying to listen to our minds, because that's where the mind beasts lives. And our minds are evolutionarily negative because they want to keep us safe and don't want us to do new things. But we want to recover from burnout and that requires new things. So we're gonna shift and listen to our body instead.” (14:02-14:19)

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