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#straightfromsarah: What “Healing Isn't Linear” Means for Your Burnout Recovery

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Are you having a hard time recognizing whether you’re recovering from burnout due to the ebbs and flows of the healing process? Healing is not linear and at times you may feel worse before you feel better. In this week’s #straightfromsarah episode, FRIED Burnout Coach Sarah Vosen talks about how to recognize the signs that you are in fact recovering and explains that healing is not linear, because nothing in life is linear.

When Sarah began to heal from her burnout and her adrenaline stopped pumping 24/7, she was left feeling utterly depleted and exhausted. In order to recover from burnout, she had to first allow her body time to rest and rebuild the trust that it was truly safe to do so. When we begin to recover, our bodies go through a lot of internal, subtle changes. We may feel better one day and worse the next due to the processes occurring within us as our bodies relearn how to properly shift between sympathetic and parasympathetic modes. Healing can be a very messy process and requires a lot of patience, but is well worth the wait. When we start truly healing from burnout, our body sends many signals that we can watch out for such as the ability to fall asleep easier and stay asleep, the ability to properly digest food, the ability to say no without feeling guilty, and the return of the sparkle to our eyes that makes us appear more vibrant and alive.

Tune into this week’s #straightfromsarah episode to hear more about why healing truly is not linear. Learn how to recognize the signs that you are in fact healing from burnout, even when it doesn’t always feel like you are improving.


“It takes time for our body to trust that it actually has time and space to heal.” (2:48-2:51 | Sarah)

Once the adrenaline stopped flowing all day, every day, I was emotionally, physically, and mentally really low for a few months until the cumulative effect of all that I was doing started to show up. And I had some moments that let me know that I was indeed on an overall upward path towards health, but it was definitely not linear.” (3:57-4:15 | Sarah)

If your sensory information tells your brain that you aren't safe, it will put you in sympathetic stress mode, which shifts the way your body works so that you can fight, run, or freeze to save your life.” (5:33-5:43 | Sarah)

Even if you want to pull your hair out along the way, just keep on keeping on through the peaks and valleys.” (18:00-18:06 | Sarah)

Healing isn't linear, because living life isn't linear.” (18:17-18:20 | Sarah)

“We are not straight lines. Our bodies cannot be drawn with straight lines. Nature cannot be drawn with straight lines, and neither can our paths in life, so our healing journey cannot be a straight line either.” (19:55-20:08 | Sarah)

Healing is a messy process at times, so many tears and so much snot. But when we have been warned that it may happen, we can rest easier when it is happening and trust in the process.” (21:43-21:57 | Sarah)

“When you are coming back from burnout, you have to feel different. Your body will present differently. Your body will change as you heal, because it has to in order to get better.” (23:58-24:08 | Sarah)




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