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Sumeena Gupta: Her Body, Business, and Marriage Were Cracking. Healing from Burnout Saved Everything

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

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On paper, Sumeena Gupta was leading what looked like the perfect life. She and her husband were running a resort on a breathtaking Balinese island, which to many people might seem like a dream job in a dream location. But, Sumeena wasn’t happy. Instead, she was stuck in a constant state of despair. And this feeling of hopelessness, stress and exhaustion was only compounded by the sense of shame she experienced when people told her how lucky she was. Even her husband failed to really hear and validate Sumeena’s burnout, leaving her feeling more alone than ever.

It wasn’t until Sumeena started putting a name to her burnout that things began to change. Sumeena explains that she began utilizing the many wellness modalities available to her in Bali, which allowed her to ground herself and regain the sense of freedom she had lost in the chaos of running her own business. Five years later, Sumeena’s business is ten times more successful. She has found peace and support in her relationship with her husband, has been able to travel around the world with her family and is running her business better than ever, all because she addressed and overcame her burnout.

Now, Sumeena is an Expert Business Mentor to Womxn and makes a point to discuss her deeply felt experience of burnout with her clients. She hopes that this will allow them to learn from her own mistakes, so they can set boundaries, identify their core values and avoid falling into the burnout cycle.

Tune into this week’s episode of FRIED. The Burnout Podcast for a conversation with Sumeena about recognizing, addressing and recovering from burnout. Learn about the importance of trusting your intuition and instincts, why it’s crucial to acknowledge rather than smooth over others’ discomfort, and why Balinese massages are the most magical massages out there.


  • “Most of us, we don’t know we’re in burnout when we are…I was in that cycle 100% probably for three or four years, which is a long time now that I reflect back.” (4:42-5:00)

  • “I remember how often people would say to me, ‘Oh you’re living the dream….You’re so lucky. I wish that was me’....And my burnout was wrapped up in shame, actually, because I was like why do I feel so disconnected from the way that I should feel?” (5:42-6:02)

  • “I’m really embedded in my values….and I was completely out of alignment with my values because one of them is freedom. And so, being out of alignment with my values was contributing to my burnout. Now what happened was, when I was able to work through that and able to still integrate freedom, for example, into my life, my business actually thrived.” (14:45-15:13)

  • “Allowing things to go through you is one of the best ways to recover from burnout.” (22:18-22:22)

  • “It works out if you do step back and you allow yourself to do the healing because long term you are going to be so much better off.” (24:37-24:46)

  • “I’ve seen you talk about this a lot, how wellness professionals need their own wellness. And that’s exactly also what I believe about decision makers and leaders. We also need other people to help us make decisions sometimes and lead us sometimes because it’s exhausting to be the only person to be doing that all the time.” (39:49-40:08)


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