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Positive Psychology, Body Image Activism, and Redefining Success with Teri Hofford

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

“People spend way too much fucking time worried about their looks. It’s time we stopped focusing on changing our bodies and start focusing on changing the world” Teri Hofford

Teri Hofford is an inspirational speaker, empowerment photographer and body image activist based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba. After having been at both ends of the weight spectrum herself, Teri realized that achieving the "perfect" body was not the answer, but rather, finding contentment with the size and shape that one is at in the present is the key to feeling complete and confident. From this, Teri created an empowerment empire, which includes her photography business Teri Hofford Photography, BODY IMAGE BOOTCAMP (™), and everyBODIES Education, 3 resources which help women and photographers overcome their body image issues, so they can shift their focus from changing their bodies, to changing the world.



Teri and I discussed the lines that should be drawn between affirmations and positive psychology. We talked about breakdowns, recoveries, working in rhythms, and having a ‘successful’ life on the outside that frankly feels like shit on the inside. Redefining what success meant to her was one of the best tools that Teri used



P.S. - I decided to make it possible to download the show transcript too! This is for everyone who prefers to read and those with hearing disabilities! Just click here to download!


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