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The Path of The Heart with Mindie Kniss

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

“One of my missions is to spread this message, is to say: mindset is not enough, you have to look at the heart set and see what’s going on there” - Mindie Kniss


Mindie Kniss is a business coach and award-winning humanitarian. In 2008, she left a Fortune 100 career to become an entrepreneur but ended up living out of her office, facing foreclosure, eviction, and bankruptcy. Today, she is CEO of Lucra™, a company dedicated to training coaches and speakers. Mindie was awarded the prestigious Global Health Fellowship in Nairobi, Kenya. She has spoken on stages around the globe and was named one of the topmost influential living teachers of The Path of the Heart. She holds degrees in theology, creative writing, and philosophy.


Additional notes about the talk:

"I couldn’t make myself love my job and I couldn’t make those men be the right match for me"

"...Or that my life would completely change for the better once I unlocked the barricades around my heart."

Mindie and I talked about having all the right material stuff, but being in a position where your heart says: this isn’t it. She swore she’d never get caught up in the ‘golden handcuffs’, but a great job, house, and car later and that’s exactly what happened. Her heart said no, but she overrode that intelligence for some time before major shift happened. During the major shift, Mindie did something that so many of us recognize: she tried to build a business by herself - thinking she could do it all and be it all. It didn’t work. Mindie tells us that there are two things you can do when you’re in a burnout state:

1. Either you’re not in the right career or position or job

2. You’re in the right place, but you need to go crazy into self care

Mindie gave us such great tools to use during this talk, she told us that when making decisions about where you should be, you should ask yourself: Is it character? Or is it context? Answering this question makes it simpler. Mindie, for instance, knew that she was a natural born leader and should be an entrepreneur - so her position in a corporate structure was a character problem. Knowing that, she decided to make a change. We also talked a great deal about getting your body into coherence which is a place where the internal communications - heart, gut, brain are online with one another and working at the highest level. It increases your intuition and at the end, Mindie leads us through an exercise to generate this state.

This was a super exciting talk for me to have and I'm releasing it early because I don't think the world should have to wait for this one. Enjoy. iTunes:


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