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#straightfromcait: What Your Burnout Is Trying To Tell You

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

Hi FRIED FANS! :) I’m so glad to be in your ear again this week! We had a three-way tie for what topic to cover next on #straightfromcait, so, I’m just doing them all! :)

We’re going to jump into what your burnout might be trying to tell you.

Before we do that, I want to remind you how excited I am to see your names pop up on my calendar for free consults, every single person that I get to help move forward on their end burnout journey makes me so so damn happy. If you have been on the fence, jump off - there’s literally nothing to lose and there is SO MUCH TO GAIN. Head to to book your slot… now, onto this week’s topic,

What your burnout is trying to tell you.

Now, when I read the question: What is my burnout trying to tell me, the first thing that comes up for me is this: If my burnout is trying to tell me something, there must be a reason for it...and it rolls back into the everything happens for a reason.

I don’t believe in the old adage everything happens for a reason. This is something that I am really passionate about and that you’ll find within the pages of The Bouncebackability Factor.

There, I said it. I know, it’s controversial. I just don’t believe in: Everything happens for a reason.

Everything has a cause and I think that we should add our own meaning to the difficulties we face in order to help reframe them (after some time, of course).

So, while burnout doesn’t necessarily have a reason, I suggest creating one after you go through it so that you aren’t stuck in a victim mindset. We can create growth out of any experience, but we don’t HAVE TO!

ALL That being said, burnout does have causes.

And that is what is really important here.

I’m not trying to figure out if your burnout has some spiritual or personal growth message, I want to help you figure out why it’s happening in YOUR PARTICULAR LIFE, so that we can untangle the web that you’re stuck in and set you free to live fully.

Here are the reasons that you’re burning out (you’ll find all of these in The Bouncebackability Factor - coming out SOOOOOOON, as soon as I have an exact release date, I’ll let you know!)

1. You are living in burnout culture and you never stopped to examine it.

2. You are a personal growth junkie/spiritual development geek who uses positivity as a way to ignore the difficult feelings.

3. You’re living life according to the templates you inherited from your family

4. You aren’t honest with yourself

5. Your physical environment isn’t set up to feed you

6. People pleasing, your energy is always outside of your body and you have lost touch with your own wants/needs/desires

7. Trauma - safety, adaptations, not enoughness etc.

In the book, I remind you about 423 times that burnout is not your fault. Even with all these reasons, most of them are rooted in some sort of coping mechanism that you created as a child to keep you safe that has been stuck on repeat for 25+ years and isn’t necessary anymore.

Recovering from burnout means deciphering which combo of these reasons is most potent in your personal life and then doing a massive optimization by cutting out things that are now costing you more energy than they are worth and replacing them with more sustainable options.

All of these things that lead to burnout, they are all habits, stuck on play and you just haven’t been taught yet that there is a stop button. But there is, and it starts with awareness, curiosity, self-compassion, and a helping hand holding loving space where you can evolve into a more sustainable burnout free life.



As we head into summer, I’m sending you so much love. Always remember that burnout isn’t a thing you should DIY - when you’ve hit your wit’s end and you know you’ll get through this faster with support, I’m here - ready, waiting, and excited to get you back into a life you enjoy. LINKS: Values Exercise

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