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FRIED Coaches

Helping You Recover from Burnout 

Do you know that you need a coach but you aren't sure if Cait or Sarah would be best for you? We have a QUIZ for that! It's short, fun, and will help me make a decision so that your brain doesn't have to do extra work!

Our Story

Cait and Sarah met about 20 years ago, sitting on a curb outside their new adventure: getting master's degrees in Chinese medicine. They made fast friends, lived with each other for awhile and then each travelled the world teaching, treating patients, and eventually . . . finding themselves burnt out. Each of them has their own burnout process, their own versions of how it all went down and each of them has a different style to offer you when it comes to guiding you to heal through your own burnout.

Because of their vast backgrounds steeped in deep knowledge about holistic ways the body is connected to the life and vice versa, Cait and Sarah truly view Burnout Recovery as a HEALING. 

If you're not sure who to work with, scroll up and take the quiz! Both of them strongly believe in the need to work with your right fit and they gladly consult with each other when necessary :)

Also, you can hire Sarah and Cait for your teams and organizations. Team buildings, lunch and learns, and more can be done virtual or in person if burnout is a system wide issue that you just aren't sure how to address. It's really okay - you don't have to know - they're really good at it.

Meet The FRIED. Team

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Our Clients

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