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Burning Out Is Human

And Recovery Is Within Your Reach

FRIED Guides are the support you need to recover and STAY recovered. 

More Exhausted Than You've Ever Been

You're barely getting through the simplest tasks. It feels like your brain isn't working anymore and just thinking is a challenge. Rallying feels like something the old you could do - but the current you just CANNOT.

You dream about getting injured or ending up in a hospital or a dental chair just to get a break. You'd give anything to disappear from life - you don't really want to die - but living like this doesn't sound like a great option either. 

It's official. You're FRIED Crispy, and we're here to help.

FRIED Guide Rules We Live By

#1 - Burnout is Not Your Fault

Acceptance of YOU, wholly

No Demonizing Your Coping Mechanisms

Your Body Knows Best

Faciliate Safety At All Times

Leave Space for Real Emotions

Understand Your Burnout Story

You're Not Alone

The fatigue is not the only thing you're facing. Your emotions are like the wild wild west. Apathy one day, and rage the next. It feels like everything is a trigger. You might find yourself snapping at everyone and your empathy? Long gone.

You hear yourself saying, "Don't they know I'm totally tapped out?", "Can't they see I'm suffering?", "Stop ASKING me for stuff!", "Why do I have to do everything around here?!?"

No judgment. 

We've both been there.

Our Story

Cait and Sarah met about 20 years ago, sitting on a curb outside their new adventure: getting master's degrees in Chinese medicine. They made fast friends, lived with each other for awhile and then each travelled the world teaching and treating patients, and eventually . . . found themselves burnt out. They were feeling apathetic toward patients, tired af, and wondering how - with all their experience, they ended up here?!?! So listen, if it can happen to us - it can happen to you. It's not because you're broken. 

As health care practitioners and entrepreneurs, both Cait and Sarah had the drive to truly UNDERSTAND the process of how burnout happens - and how to actually recover. They've spent the last 8 years recovering, studying, and helping other people through burnout and they're here to bring you the best of what they've learned. 

“ Working with Cait is worth the investment because she listens and sees on so many levels. She won't waste time with platitudes or niceties. Almost like a midwife, she wants to support your own work toward wholeness and rebirth. Maybe that sounds like total hyperbole, but I believe it to be completely true..”

Elizabeth Lott, Pastor

You'll work best with Sarah if you're a fellow healer / empath / entrepreneur who is ready to change their habits - mind, body, and soul. 

You were likely surprised by burnout because you were taking such good care of yourself - you know the rules, you eat the right things, you are doing a job that you (at least used to) love. You still want to WANT to help people, but burnout is running the show right now.

Sarah's initial consult is free, and you can book that here:

Cait Donovan Pink Good American Jacket Nov 2023 Headshot Transparent.png

Executives and team leaders are Cait's expertise!

If you're in charge of your own business and team or work for an org and have a team under you and you're worried about how your burnout is affecting you - AND them - Cait is your coach.

If you're an entrepreneur - this is a write off! If you're an employee, there is likely L&D budget to cover the cost. Your burnout going away is good for you and the company!

The initial call for Cait's coaching is a paid consult, which you can book here:

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