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Cara Carin Cifelli: Sisterhood, Surrender, and Vulnerability

Updated: Oct 1, 2022


Cara Carin Cifelli is an anti-diet health coach, helping people leave behind dieting and learn to trust their body through intuitive eating, positive psychology and holistic healing. In addition to working with clients, Cara also hosts a weekly podcast, Love Your Bod Pod, about female empowerment, body acceptance and saying goodbye to diet culture. She is the author of two books, Body Wisdom: a guide to rediscovering your relationship to food, trusting your intuition and becoming your own health expert. And most recently, a cookbook called Vegan Buddha Bowls, easy healthy recipes to feel great from the inside out. She has been featured on Recovery Warriors, Elephant Journal, The Feed Feed, and The Arizona Republic



Oh man! in 2019 I actually burned out twice. I thought I learned my lesson the first time, but I clearly I didn't. I have a pattern of telling myself I am going to give myself a break, by creating less content, taking some time off of Instagram but my breaks never end up being truly rejuvenating because I shame myself and worry the entire time that I am hurting my business. Like "the algorithm will punish me, people will forget about me, I won't be relevant if I step away" and on and on. I realized that physically stepping away is not the same thing as mentally and emotionally stepping away. A component of my burnout has been being really attached to my business and the outcomes, having so much of my identity and worth in my business as well. While I have awareness around these two things, I am still learning how to find work/life balance and not identify so much with my work.


Cara’s first life coach: Today, you'll hear all about a few things that I think are very important. (You can listen on this page in the player just below the title or head to: to find the link to your favorite podcast listening app :)

1. The power of sisterhood and of showing up as a friend that can be vulnerable and share and showing up as a friend who can hold space for vulnerability and sharing. The value of this in my life is SO HIGH and I just don't have room for places I need to pretend anymore. Even when I do a workshop, I feel comfortable saying that I'm nervous. This was not always the case. It took me a long time to trust that I could be myself (all of my bits, the good and the nasty) and be loved. There are still people I don't open up with fully, but the awareness of the fact that I CAN open up and STILL be loved because I have created proof of that in my life (thanks to my bestie Ewa).

2. What it really means to step away from your business and create space for rest. In this episode, Cara let us know how many days it took her to separate herself mentally, physically, and emotionally from her work (it's probably longer than your last vacation.......) 3. Cara's own battles with an eating disorder and what tools she needed to seek out and add to her life in order to be able to turn it all around without therapy. In addition to that, I want to share a few places that I've found sisterhood. Networking groups sound scary and some of them are very transactional, but I've been really lucky with one that is worldwide and two that are local to NYC. Worldwide, I suggest you look up Ellevate. Ellevate network has been crucial to me as I start myself up again in a new place and I'm so grateful it exists.


The woman who started The NoW, Sarah Hammond is just great and does an amazing job at creating a space where everyone feels welcome and no topic is off limits. I really really enjoy the women I've met there. I'm so glad I was brave enough to buy a ticket and head to an event.

NYC, there's a co-working space that beats all others. It's called LUMINARY and it's magical. The atmosphere is full of beauty and the founder, Cate Luzio is just one of those people who makes you feel at home immediately. Luminary's tagline says it all: Come sit at our table (they also have a podcast under the same name.. check it out!). If that's not inclusive, I don't know what is!

Please use this week and upcoming International Women's Day (MARCH 8th!) to strengthen your sense of sister (or brother!) hood. It is SO IMPORTANT to feel supported when you're in your truth.

Lots of good vibes, always,


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