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Dr. Sandra Lewis: Burnout, Your Fragmented Self, and Gluing Your Body Back Together with Qigong

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

“What does this have to do with what I came to the world to be?” This is the one-question reset that Dr. Sandra Lewis poses to herself each time she encounters an obstacle in her life. No matter what problem she might be facing, this question helps Sandra ground herself, return to her inner purpose, and make a conscious decision about whether the issue at hand aligns with her personal goals.

A Clinical Psychologist and Personal Energy Strategist, Dr. Sandra has a unique ability to blend evidence-based research and ancient wisdom science into practical strategies for well-being. She explains that her career path as an energy strategist was largely inspired by her own burnout, during which she utterly lost her own voice. After taking an extended leave from work and reconnecting with her core self, Sandra found a passion for helping other heart-led, high-achieving women transform burnout into sustainable, purpose-driven success and fulfillment.

Tune into this week’s episode of FRIED. The Burnout Podcast for a conversation with Dr. Sandra Lewis about committing to being yourself in the world. Learn about the versatility of boundaries, the magic of Qigong practice, and how to fall in love with the brilliance you offer the world.


  • “What I discovered in these 12 weeks of giving myself this time to reconnect with me is...I’d actually lost touch with my own voice. I was so involved in trying to get something done for an organization that I forgot what I meant to the organization and what the organization meant to me.” (05:41-06:00)

  • “The question I ask myself when I get really stressed out is, ‘What does this have to do with what I came to the world to be?’” (07:44-07:50)

  • “When you start to lose it, you need something to ground. So, strategy for me is about ground, just ground. Feel yourself on the earth, feel yourself settled, and then move.” (17:58-18:10)

  • “So this ability to get inside is absolutely important because we are fragmented. And in order to help us start to come back together, it's necessary to see: where are the breaks? What breaks me? And how do I heal? How do I see how to fuse things back together?” (22:27-22:47)

  • “What I love about Qigong practice is really literally being able to connect to sort of an infinite source of energy, and to recognize that I can reset myself and that I can do it simply and easily with a practice.” (28:53-29:13)

  • Burnout is not just the function of who we are as individuals. We live in and work in families, we work in organizations, there are things outside of us that also impinge upon us, and we react to those things. So, if systems don't change, we will still just keep having to deal with the same challenges.” (46:44-47:04)




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