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#straightfromsarah: Honoring Cycles to Boost Burnout Recovery

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Fried Masterclass July 2022:


Have you been trying to live a linear lifestyle in a cyclical world? The truth is, Western society tends to look at life through a linear lens with a big focus on getting from point A to point B. In reality, life is cyclical and when we live out of sync with those cycles, we can be more susceptible to burnout. In this week’s #straightfromsarah episode, FRIED Burnout Coach Sarah Vosen talks about how we can honor the natural cycles in our world by acknowledging them and aligning our lifestyles to better match up.

The hustle culture of constantly grinding through life is in direct opposition to living within nature’s cycles. If we are always forced to rise before the sun, stay up too late, and eat heavy foods because it is all that we have access to in the fifteen minutes we are allowed for lunch, it will be very hard to honor the natural cycles of the day and the seasons. When we are aligned with the cycles going on around us and within our bodies, we can be better in tune with our needs and better equipped to combat burnout.

Tune into this week’s #straightfromsarah episode to learn more about cycles and how to live your life in a way that honors nature and wards off burnout.


  • “When we think about life being point A to point Z we miss out on the wisdom we gain when we have awareness of what we learned through repetition.” (1:24-1:32 | Sarah)

  • Our circadian rhythm guides many processes in our body and is therefore a key player in determining our overall health. This is why you hear lots about the importance of morning routines and sleep hygiene. It's because it optimizes circadian rhythm.” (3:10-3:24 | Sarah)

  • When we understand this correlation of seasons to phases, and the similarities we experienced hormonally during each, we can use our knowledge of the season to guide us throughout our cycle. This takes that complicated chart with the lines going in all directions that we were shown in puberty that was supposed to describe what was happening for us inside and makes menstruation a much more user friendly experience.” (8:05-8:28 | Sarah)

  • “When we embrace where we are in our cycles and utilize what our hormones are doing inside of us, we can surrender into ease with the process. This is much more desirable than fighting with ourselves and being frustrated with the pressure to be something we are currently not.” (8:43-8:58 | Sarah)

  • Burnout culture demands we be consistent, reliable, productive, happy, successful, thin and toned, faster and better forever and ever.” (15:15-15:23 | Sarah)

  • “We are not linear. We cycle, life cycles, our day cycles, our moon cycles, our seasons cycle year after year. And it's not just women that cycle. It's now known that men also have hormonal cycles…We do not experience the same inner or outer environment moment after moment. So how can we expect to act, feel, or have the same needs in each moment?” (16:14-16:49 | Sarah)


Fried Masterclass July 2022:




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