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Partnerships and Affiliations

FRIED. The Burnout Podcast loves partnering with people and companies who are (or want to be) part of the movement to #endburnoutculture.

FRIED's Community

  • Live primarily in the US (>85%)

  • 78% Identify as female

  • 63% are between the ages of 28-44

  • 23% are between 45-59

  • Self label as Overachievers

  • Blend of entrepreneurs and corporate

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FRIED's Numbers

(as of 6/23/2023)

  • Average monthly downloads (IAB) - 18,304

  • FB Group - 1800 members

  • FRIED IG - 1759 followers

  • Cait Donovan IG - 3400 followers

  • Newsletter - 1200 subscribers

  • LinkedIn - 4100 - followers

FRIED's Accolades ranks FRIED as a global top 1% podcast

FRIED has reached the following Apple rankings in Mental Health:

USA - #56

UK - #96

Ireland - #13

Norway - #6

Slovenia - #5

Bermuda - #1

Partnership Possibilities



FRIED is not just another podcast; it's a safe space for open discussions about burnout, stress, and mental health. Our engaging and empathetic host dives deep into personal experiences, expert insights, and effective coping mechanisms to help individuals navigate the challenges of modern life. If you have a wellbeing focused product, FRIED is a growing opportunity to help you reach a new audience.


Content Partnership

FRIED brings compelling, expert-driven content that delves into the intricacies of burnout and mental health. The podcast offers practical strategies and empowering insights that your employees can apply in their personal and professional lives. By integrating FRIED, you demonstrate your commitment to supporting your team members beyond their roles, fostering holistic growth. *Internal bonus episodes available.



By sponsoring FRIED, you are supporting a crucial mission to raise awareness about burnout and mental health. Our rapidly growing community is hungry for knowledge and guidance on how to combat burnout and embrace a healthier lifestyle. As a sponsor, your brand will be associated with a positive and impactful cause, helping you reach a diverse and engaged audience. Being a brand that cares matters more now than ever. 

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