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Burnout Recovery Resources 

From downloadable freebies to paid courses and events, here are the ways that FRIED shows up to support your burnout recovery!

Free Burnout Recovery Resources

Want to get started with some DIY Burnout Recovery? Here are some ways we recommend you get started!

“FRIED saved my life. I know have a job that doesn't expect me to overwork and doesn't call me after hours. I smile again. I feel things. It brought me back to life."

J, Listener

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Recover from Burnout With FRIED

Here are a few of the ways you can work with us to move your burnout recovery forward!


With close to 50 graduates, we can say that we know for sure UNFRIED helps to instill the habits you need to get and stay out of burnout. Run by FRIED guide Sarah Vosen, UNFRIED is based in Chinese medical theory - holistic and reaching mind, body, and soul. Small cohorts are created based on a full waitlist. 

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Are you a burnt out entrepreneurial helper or healer who 'knows better'? Sarah is the coach for you. As someone who has been there and was able to return to healing work, Sarah knows what it takes to move you through burnout and back to your passion - sans burnout.

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Are you a burnt out people leader? Do you also have burnt out people on your team? Are you a burnt out start up founder? Cait is your gal. With experience in working with both corporate scenarios and entrepreneurial ones, Cait can help you lead yourself - so you can lead others.

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