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Levitating Books

Resentment Journal

Need better boundaries FAST? This is the mini course you've been waiting for. Use powerful emotions and create powerful boundaries!

Colorful Bowling Balls

Learn Your Core Values

FREE downloadable resource for you to reconnect to what you truly desire out of life and align to those desires with ease. 


Office Hours Invite

4 times a month Cait and Sarah run office hours that are open to everyone on the newsletter list! Join us!

Paper Craft

Use FRIED to DIY Your Recovery

Here are the episodes you should start with if you want to start your Burnout Recovery Journey today.

Digital drawing pad

Find Your Burnout Causes

Burnout has internal and external causes and this chart will help you gain clarity as to what parts are your responsibility and what parts don't belong to you!


Hire Cait to Speak

If your company, team, or event needs some attention on burnout and you want to keep it fun while dealing with serious stuff, Cait is your perfect speaker.

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