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Cait here! I'm so glad you found us and that you are no longer alone in this wild world of burnout. My mission with FRIED is to #endburnoutculture and create episodes week after week that provide opportunities to heal by validating your experience and letting you know, you're not alone. You've now got us. :)

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My Story

The short version is: I followed my heart, I was led by passion - and I burnt out anyway. Then, when I tried to recover, I found that the information about burnout was, well, shitty. There was loads about prevention but not much about recovery. There was loads about doctors, but not ANY about female entrepreneurs. 

I did NOT journey alone through burnout. I encourage you to use Sarah and I as coaches because I used a coach (and a therapist, and a functional medicine practitioner) to recover from burnout.

You can hear my full journey during THIS Fried episode.

You can read about it in my book.

But more importantly - what will YOUR post burnout story be? Are you ready to tell it? 

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