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BONUS! Reverse Interview - Cait Donovan Shares her Burnout Story with Nathalie Norris

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

This was nerve-wracking and at the same time, exhilarating. I've been on other people's podcasts before but never was really truly interviewed about my own burnout. When Nathalie Norris (of who had been a guest on the podcast (episode comes out Nov 17th!) reached out to me with this idea of a reverse interview, I knew immediately that it was a FULL YES from me. My whole body knew that this should happen. As we recorded, I could feel myself gauging my answers, and got to feel the way that my interviewee's feel! Even though the conversation flowed great and was natural, it's another thing to talk to someone when it's being recorded. I feel like this episode gives you a glimpse into my story, my recovery, and my process with clients now that I'm (mostly) on the other side. If you've been listening, you know that I don't believe that it goes away completely burnout becomes a friend eventually who pipes up when you're out of alignment. At this point, I don't even want my burnout signals to disappear, I love them for keeping me on track.

So, here it is in all it's glory, this great convo with Nathalie as a bonus gift for helping the podcast to reach over 2500 downloads (over 2600 by the time I release this!). Enjoy, ask questions, and allow it to help you make the decision to heal.

Things we talked about on the show: Wheel of Life (coaching exercise)

If you want to know more about The Bouncebackable Entrepreneur coming in 2020, send me an email at: caitdonovan at gmail dot com. <3 XOXO C


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