Real. Raw. No Holding Back. Stories from people like you who've burnt out and come back to tell the tale. From thought leaders to your friend down the

 street, there's a story in FRIED that you will relate to, guaranteed. 

You are not alone. You might be fried crispy at this point, but I promise you there is a way through. Each week, there is a story of breakdown and build back up and we don't skip over the nasty bits. The journey through burnout is rarely a beautiful one, but it creates some pretty amazing careers and lives. The point of this space is to assure you that you aren't alone and that there is a way through. If one week doesn't resonate, but sure that another week will. There's a solution for every story and we will cover them all. I promise. 

Wondering who I am? I am Cait Donovan, Burnout Expert and your podcast host. I spent the first 12 years of my career as a full time acupuncturist. I bought a ticket for the burnout cycle and rode that ride for nearly a decade. One day, I decided to heal. I did. Now it's my turn to reach my hand back and pull you along with me. I've been there, in the dredges. I use my Chinese Mediicne know how plus life coaching to help you create a Burnout Resilient Life. It all starts with the podcast. 

If you feel stuck on the burnout cycle with no hope of it changing, I dare you to hop on a free call with me. Just follow this link: and start your journey to end the burnout cycle



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