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Dr. Lisa Mascall: Let People Love You in order to Heal from Burnout

Updated: Nov 18, 2022



Dr. Lisa Mascall is Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, Board Certified Herbalist, and Licensed Physical Therapist in New Jersey FIND:

IG: @Hackensack_family_acu

FB: @Hackensack Family Acupuncture and Wellness

Additional Notes: On this episode, we follow Dr. Mascall through her path of KNOWING that physical therapy and sports medicine were her thing to the discovery of acupuncture while working with traumatic head injuries for the US Army in Germany. Dr. Mascall's interest grew strong and she knew that, as a person, she had outgrown Physical Therapy - it had been exactly what she wanted, but wasn't anymore. Now, she has a general practice in Hackensack, NJ where she uses Chinese medicine to treat anything from migraines to fertility. She said her current ways of avoiding burnout include: 1. Having hobbies outside of her work - even though Dr. Mascall loves what she does, she knows that if it's the ONLY thing she does, she'll burn out.

2. Having Community and connections - learning to appreciate her family more with age, Dr. Mascall feels best when she can show up for her family events and spend time surrounded by people she loves and people who love her.

3. Having choice - Dr. Mascall already worked in the medical field before becoming and acupuncturist and her frustrations with the medical system added to her burnout. So, now, she has a cash-only practice in order to be able to serve people best and not have treatments dictated by insurance.

Listen: XOXO C


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